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Your landlord doesn't need a talking animal to catch you with an illegal pet.  It's not funny when you get stuck paying $500 for your roommate's cat.

CREDIT CARD DANGER!  Want to save 10% on your entire purchase? Don't sign up for a store credit card until you find out the interest rate.  It could be as high as 27%.  This means you're paying 17% more than you were trying to save.    CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO!

DEBT COLLECTORS BOTHERING YOU?  The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act prohibits creditors from calling you before 8am or after 9pm and makes it illegal for them to threaten you with violence.  Collectors who violate the law can lose their right to ask you for money and may end up owing you three times the amount they were trying to collect!  If you've been harassed by a bad debt collector, report their actions @ ftc.gov/complaint immediately.


ATTENTION!!  Have you been trying to remove your mugshot from the internet?  A recently settled lawsuit in Ohio against BustedMugshots.com is now calling for certain websites to remove your picture at no cost.  While this is not a Texas law or case, it is a positive step in the right direction.  Similar lawsuits are being filed against other websites of this type and the opportunities for removal are growing.  If you need help getting your picture removed, please call AFS @ 512-245-2370 or stop by the AFS office in LBJ 5-1.5 to schedule a free appointment.


All student information is protected by attorney-client privilege and is treated confidentially by all personnel.