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GM & Toyota Vehicle Recall Information

Do you own a GM or Toyota vehicle?  It may be part of a safety recall and you can get it fixed FOR FREE.  Click here for more information.

Do you have health insurance yet? 

You have until March 31 to sign up for coverage.  If you don't sign up by March 31, you will not be able to buy health insurance until 2015!!!

Get the facts on the Affordable Care Act by scrolling to the bottom of this page.

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ATTENTION!  Have you been trying to remove your mugshot from the internet?  A recently settled lawsuit in Ohio against BustedMugshots.com is now calling for certain websites to remove your picture at no cost.  While this is not a Texas law or case, it is a positive step in the right direction.  Similar lawsuits are being filed against other websites of this type and the opportunities for removal are growing.  If you need help getting your picture removed, please call AFS @ 512-245-2370 or stop by the AFS office in LBJ 5-1.5 to schedule a free appointment.


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Affordable Care Act - Top 10 Things You Need to Know

1.       Is this the same thing as Obamacare?   Yes, but the name “Obamacare” is a nickname for the Affordable Care Act, which is a law requiring all American citizens to purchase health insurance.
2.       Is Obamacare a type of insurance policy? No, it is nickname for several policies that are now available to all citizens under the Affordable Care Act.
3.       What kind of policies are available? In Texas, there are over one dozen different insurance policies being offered to residents. Like car insurance, each policy costs a different amount of money and offers different services, deductible amounts, and coverages.
4.       I’m broke. Can I afford insurance? Yes, it’s very likely that you can afford to buy insurance even if you don’t make much or any money because the Affordable Care Act includes provisions to help people purchase the policy by giving them a refundable tax credit. This means that you will pay a monthly price and receive back most or all of it in your tax refund (i.e. a bigger tax refund check!)
5.       How much will it cost? It depends on what policy you choose, but prices range from $30 per month for basic coverage to $300 per month for super-duper coverage. A policy with a low deductible and high coverage levels will cost more money than a policy with a high deductible and lower coverage. It’s very similar to different types of car insurance. A liability only policy with a $3000 deductible will cost less than a full coverage policy with a $500 deductible. 
6.       How can I compare policies? You can use the federal government’s website to look at all insurance company policies in Texas or you can call the insurance company directly. The website address is https://www.healthcare.gov/
7.       Which insurance companies offer plans in Texas? Call today for a free quote and help enrolling.
a.       Blue Cross Blue Shield - (972) 766-6900
b.      Humana - 1-800-833-6917
c.       Sendero Health Plans - (512) 978-8855
d.      Ambetter from Superior Health Plans – 1-877-687-1196
e.      Cigna Health & Life Insurance – 1-866-438-2446
f.        Aetna - 1-800-217-2386
g.       Scott & White Health Plan - 1-866-522-2515
8.       I am covered by my parents’ insurance; do I need to sign up for the Affordable Care Act coverage? No. If you are currently covered by a plan, you do not have to sign up for separate coverage. 
9.       Can I be denied coverage for a pre-existing condition or disease? NO! One of the best features of the ACA is that insurance companies cannot deny coverage to sick people. Everyone gets accepted.
10.   What happens if I don’t have current insurance and I don’t enroll in a plan? Besides not having coverage in case you get sick, you will be penalized on your taxes and this will lower your tax refund significantly. You may not get a refund at all.   If you think that it doesn’t matter because you don’t file taxes, you are wrong.  If you do not sign up by March 31, you will not be able to purchase health insurance again until 2015!