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Advice, Counsel, and Referral

What Legal Advice Can You Give Me?

You can receive advice in the following areas:

  • Landlord/Tenant Law – apartment leases, rental property, and tenant rights
  • Criminal Law – any legal matter that could result in criminal charges
  • Family Law –marriage, divorce, and child custody and support
  • Contract Law – contractual obligations
  • Employment Law – employee rights and responsibilities
  • Consumer Protection Law – service or repair performance
  • Notary Public Service – notarized acknowledgment of signatures

Who is Eligible?

Anyone who is a currently enrolled Texas State student is eligible. Enrollment is verified prior to scheduling an appointment.


Do I Have to Pay?

Your student service fee is used to help fund this office. If you are a registered student, you are entitled to use the services provided by this office at no charge.


How Do I Obtain Services?

This office has conferences with students on an appointment basis. The conferences are confidential, and advice and counsel will be given as long as it is not an excluded area as set out in the Eligible Issues. No advice will be provided for any student to student or University related legal matter. Information about local attorneys who can represent students are kept in a binder in the office. The binder is available during office hours for research prior to hiring an attorney.

What Should I Bring with Me?

You should bring any pertinent documents with you when you come. For example, you should bring a copy of your lease if you need to discuss any aspect of your tenancy. If you have received a ticket, bring it with you, or if you have been in an automobile accident, bring a copy of the police report and the repair estimates. You should also write down a summary of your legal problem as well as any questions you have and bring both items with you when you come for your appointment.