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What should I do if I find my car has been damaged by a hit & run?

1. Immediately call 911 to report that your car was hit.  Do not move your vehicle if the police are going to appear on the scene and take a report.  If the police are not going to respond, you can make a statement to the 911 operator about what damage you can visually see.

2. Take pictures of your car BEFORE you move it or drive away.

3. Take pictures of the ground around your car and of the area immediately surrounding it. 

4. Call your insurance company within 48 hours to report the collision.

What should I do if my car is damaged by something other than a vehicle (deer, hit a pole, run into fence, etc.)?

1. Stop immediately and move your vehicle to a safe location away from oncoming traffic and other vehicles.

2. If you hit an animal, do not exit your car unless you are confident the animal will not attack you.

3. Take pictures of both your car's damage and the item you hit.

4. If you have damaged the item, try to determine who the owner is and give them your contact information.


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