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Renter Beware

Students before you sign a lease to an apartment or house, please bring it by our office to have a licensed attorney go over the contract with you. WATCH OUT... a bad lease could affect you in ways you never realized possible.

Look Before You Lease

Don't be fooled by a beautiful model or pictures! Ask to see the actual apartment that you'll be living in so that you can be certain you're getting a good apartment.

Bedtime Stories

Are you smarter than a 5th grader?

Win a Roommate

Win a roommate on the hottest new game show in Texas.

Silence is Golden

The life of an apartment - from cleaning up after last year's tenant, to leasing and living with the new residents.

Why It's Not My Fault

Did the landlord charge you money for something your friends or roommates damaged? There's a 99% chance that you're responsible to pay for the damage, even if you didn't cause it. Here are common reasons students give when trying to get out of the bill.

I'm Ready

The common reasons why students feel they are ready to move into apartments.

Two Faced Landlord

Remember the goals of these apartments are to receive full capacity! Don't get bamboozled into signing a lease! Do your own research don’t let the perks persuade you.


Did You Know?

Funny, odd facts about Texas apartment laws and life.

Two Faced Roomie

Be cautious of what your assumptions of your "perfect" roommate is, you don't want this to be your reality. Choose wisely!