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Since the Fall semester of 1973 (over 47 years!), invaluable legal services have provided countless Bobcats access to justice, legal aid, and legal education, who otherwise would be unable to afford or obtain effective legal counsel and advice. By providing critical legal service's AFS supports student retention by improving students' ability to focus on their education.

Our Legal Practice

Available Services:
AFS serves currently enrolled Texas State students by providing legal counsel, limited scope representation, and practical education concerning their legal rights and responsibilities. Legal services are provided in a broad range of legal areas including, but is not limited to:

  • Property law (including lease reviews)
  • Criminal law (including Expunctions/ Orders of Non-Disclosure)
  • Family law
  • Employment law
  • Immigration law
  • Consumer and Civil Matters
  • Contract law
  • Estate planning (Wills, Power of Attorney, Advance Directives)
  • Name and gender marker changes.
  • Debt and creditor issues
  • Business law (including formation and start-ups)


Speaking Engagements, Panelist, and Presentations:

AFS staff are available as speakers, panelist and can provide legal presentations to students, classes, recognized organizations and programs by request.


Excluded Services:
AFS does not provide legal counsel on matters involving the Texas State University System or disputes between Texas State students, staff, faculty or departments. We cannot represent students at court hearings or for USCIS immigration interviews. We also do not advise on tax issues or contested divorces.

The office can help students find resources such as outside agencies or private attorneys with legal issues that we can not assist with.


Attorney-Client Privilege and Confidentiality:
From the moment a student contacts AFS, both the Attorney, office staff, and prospective client enter into a relationship ruled by certain expectations.

The client can be assured that all of their information is protected by Attorney-Client privilege and remains confidential indefinitely. The attorney-client privilege applies from the moment the initial contact is made and continues throughout the entire process.

To provide the best legal advice possible, the client must provide truthful information to the attorney. Without all of the facts, the attorney’s assessment of the situation could result in incorrect or even harmful advice. None of the information the attorney or office staff obtains from the student will be disseminated to any other entity on or off-campus without the client's written permission.

Cancellations and Rescheduling:
AFS recognizes that unexpected issues or events take place that prevents the student from attending their appointment. Students are expected to call the office as soon as possible to cancel or reschedule their appointment so that other students can be served at that appointment time. Students who fail to cancel their appointment could become ineligible for further services for the remainder of the semester.