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Your Court Date

If you are required to go to court, you must abide by the rules of that courtroom. For more information about standards in the Hays County courts, please visit the Hays County website.  The Hays County Courthouse has moved all its offices to a new location off Wonder World Drive: MAP.



General Rules for Attending Court

Arrive at least 30 minutes early for your first court appearance if you don't have an attorney - it is first come, first served, so you will get out sooner if you arrive earlier.  If you are running late, you MUST call your lawyer or the court and notify them that you will be late or risk being fined.


  • Shoes are required. Do NOT wear flip flops of any type.
  • No sleeveless shirts.
  • No shorts.
  • No exposed midriffs.
  • No clothing displaying offensive words or pictures (the Court retains the exclusive right to define "offensive" on an individual basis).
  • No drug or alcohol logos on clothing.
  • No hats.
  • Be clean.  Comb your hair, wash your hands, trim your beard (if applicable).
  • Infants and small children should be left with a sitter or at home in the care of a competent adult. There are no childcare facilities available. Loud or crying children should be taken out of the courtroom.
  • Cellular devices or pagers are NOT allowed in the courtroom.